List of Dofollow Forums

Tuesday, November 11, 2008
Posted by Takumi 86

Dofollow Forums

Previously, i have been posting about List of DoFollow Blog, and this time i will give you the DoFollow Forum list, take a good look at these list which are coming from Webmaster forum

More ...

SitePoint Forums PR7
Digitalpoint PR6
Harmony-Central Forums PR6
Search Engine Round Table PR6
Submit Express Forums PR6
Start Ups PR6
v7n PR6
Webmaster Talk
Comic Book Resources Forums PR5
Web Design Forum
Marketing Chat PR5
Earners Forum PR4
TriPHP Forums PR4
360 Gamerscore PR4
Acorn Domain Name Forums PR4
Book and Reading Forum PR4
Ableton Forums PR3
The In Place PR3
6Pins PR3
IQ69 PR3
Hot4's Forums PR3
Directory Junction PR3

Question: What is the difference between forums and blog?
Answer: its the same as Blog, when you post comment, you create the backlink but this time you'll get backlink each time you submit your link in profile, signature or even more in some post.

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posh_post said...

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reema said...

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Bob said...

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Lyn Soriano said...

i have seen your post on MN forums.

thanks for the excellent list of do-follow forums list.

i was looking for it. appreciate it

free software said...

hey thts good to hear tht this blog is dofollow keep up the good work man.

Adult Web Hosting Roadmap said...

Thanks for building this great list and for sharing it!

Alekseo - Blog Seo Tips said...

Good list i will add you to my link list of DoFollow Blogs and Forums! Thanks

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