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Thursday, December 20, 2007
Posted by Takumi 86


There are 4 ways that you can choose :

1. Megaupload Premium Generator

Just Put your megaupload id & copy the download link into your download manager

e.g.:, just put only PR6RYIEB

Tested by me & it's works 100%

2. Free Megaupload Premium Account [New Method]

1. Create a megaupload free account. Make sure you verify it.
2. Go to either of these sites: 1 or 2 . Enter your megaupload free accounts details (username and password).
4. Click Activate.
5. Wait for the confirmation saying that your account will be premium …
6. If the proxy server fails, check these site for alternatives 1 or this 2 for a list of websites offering proxies.

Tada! Your free account will be premium from 9AM to 3PM (or it depends on your time zone)
You can repeat this method everyday.

3. How to get Megaupload Premium Account?

This tutorial teaches you on how to cheat the Megaupload slots system and get more download attempts.To have a chance on winning the premium account, click on the button (the icon with picture of 3 card) on the bottom of the userCP screen, left of the star icon. You can get 3 attempt everyday.

Now, how to get more attempt:
Go to: 10MinuteMail
Use the email address that is generated to create a million Megaupload free accounts.
Keep doing this until you win free premium:
Play the game using an account.
Reset your IP
Login using another account.
Play the game again.

If you manage to win 2 or more premium accounts, do share the extra accounts with everyone
Now, Megaupload is nice enough to offer us free premium. So, in return, we should click their ads once daily so that they can continue to stay in business!(nobody wants megaupload to go down someday or remove all these gr8 options because of lack of money)

4. Megaupload Trick: Disable Country Download Slots Limit

If you want to download something from Megaupload and getting message like “All slots assigned to your country are in use, try again later”.
Then, this is a simple way to by pass the download slots limit.

1. Go to Google Translate tool.
2. Paste your Megaupload download link into the “Translate a web page” box.
3. In the “from” option, select English to German. Other option besides English to German might work.
4. So, just hit the Translate button and wait for the download page to load.

Now, you can see that you can download the file that you previously can’t! No download slots limit!

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Anonymous said...


.....dowload and use the account while it lasts, ie the passwords are not changed by some

crappy user and the account doesn't expire.

thank me and luv me in your heart and i will hear it........

Takumi 86 said...

Who thank who? your link is dead
So thanks to me :D

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