How To Use Bin/Cue Files

Tuesday, August 19, 2008
Posted by Takumi 86

Bin files

How to use bin/cue files:

::..What are they..::
Bin files are image files of the CDs you are trying to get. They are created from various programs. Cue files are basically something that tells burning software like Nero where and how to burn these files. They aren't always needed but they do make things easier.

How to burn them
Here's what you're going to do (using Nero, using "Frogland" as example). [ give a search on the will find latest nero program ]

  • Download CDmage and check the bin for errors first. If it finds some it will attempt to correct, but the chance of burning a copy with errors is now higher.
  • Open the .cue with notepad and make sure the filename on line 1 matches the filename you're trying to burn. If you want to reduce the chance of 'line 1' errors, change the filename (and the one in the cue) to something like frogland.bin, instead of one with redundant info like [ frongland it just a given example ]

Dont forget to check your list as the following:

- Do the filenames match now?
- Are you sure?
- Put cue and bin in the same directory
- Start Nero, select "Burn Image" from the 'file' menu (or Recorder, Burn Image in newer versions of Nero)
- Find the directory with the cue (and bin) in it.
- Click on the cue files
- Change your burning options (simulation, etc) and click write
- If It burns then You're done!

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