20 Way to Gain More Subscriber

Monday, January 05, 2009
Posted by Takumi 86


General reason why people will subscribe is because they found your site useful and have great content. Other depends on what they likes e.g your layout, attitude, and so much more. They, the subscriber are more like comment, where it supposed to be the support for your blog. This article will define and outlines a few thing that you could do to get more subscriber

1. Get Big RSS icon
Most people will feel lazy to click on the subscriber link that you are giving on your post, but if you give them big RSS icon either in your sidebar or in your top bar with the announcement to subscribe, they will probably subscribe.

2. Show RSS Icon in Every page of Your Blog
What i mean by saying this is that you don have to put as many RSS icon as you want in every page. All you have to do is to make sure that you put RSS icon in the appropriate place. Because only that way will prevent your reader from accusing you spamming your blog with your RSS icon.

3. Use Email Subscription
Make your reader to subscribe to your RSS by not just giving them the RSS icon but email as well. The best part of this is that they will get notified by email every time you make a new post. This works the same as if you join forum and make a post reply. When you had any intention to get notified everytime there's new reply under you, you might consider ticking the 'subscribe to this thread' option

4. Content is the King
Content are always the king, if you have made good post like sharing your tips, tutorial and so on, people tend to like your blog and they will probably bookmark it

5. Put a Link to Your RSS Feed in Every Of your Blog Post
You can put a small word/icon at the end of your blog post to asking your reader to subscribe. Make sure you use some encourage word like "We could be more grateful if you can subscribe to my RSS" or "Was this article useful for you? If yes, please consider subscribing to my RSS"

6. Use most Popular RSS Reader
Not all people recognized RSS Feed icon and if they do recognize it, they don know what it is all about. But you can take advantage from those people by giving only the most popular RSS feed, e.g Add this to My Yahoo icon or Add this to Google and a lot of unique popular icon

7. Post Frequently
As with that said, you have to publish and frequently updating your blog. The bottomline is, you make a new post and the reader wont get bored to come and visit your site. This is important if you want to keep your reader from visiting your site oftensugg.

8. Try Different Thing
You can try to post different thing than normal as you used to be. If you used to share your blogging tips then its time for you to try something new like making a tutorial about how you can setup your domain hosting to GoDaddy for example and a lot of thing that you could do to encourage them from subscribing.

9. Ask Them to Subscribe
There is a time when you need to ask your reader from subscribing to your RSS feed in your blog post. You can either do asking this at the end of your post or in the middle of your post.

10. Do Mentoring People
If you have good experience and the story of becoming the successful blogger, you can share that one up by asking them to subscribe to your newsletter or sign up on your site and do pay monthly to become member. One of example that were doing this method is CopyBlogger, they're offering a program to teach people how to sell content online. This is probably the most effective attempts that you could do if you want to get more subscriber but only require you a high-tech of knowledge to perform this

11. Sell Your Ebook
If you have ebook, you can sell it either by asking them to subscribe to your newsletter. If you don know how to make newsletter, try to using autoresponder service such as Aweber or Sendstudio NX. Check this post also to see how you can make e-book and sell it

12. Offer a Prize for your Subscriber
This probably works the same as Blog Contest but this time you're giving them a reward everytime they subscribe to your RSS email feed. How to check the number of your email subscriber is by login to your Google FeedBurner Account and see their email address from your email subscription list.

13. Write a single note on your Profile
If you have an account at such certain social bookmarking site or Social networking site like MySpace, Friendster, or Facebook, you might want to submit your RSS feed link on your profile or ask them to subscribes.

14. Do Not Monetize your RSS Feed
Some RSS Feed site like FeedBurner can monetize your rss with ads but i really suggesting you should not take advantage from your RSS feed as your reader might dislike it.

15. Subscribing is Free
Not all people have knowledge about the use of RSS Feed, they may think that subscribing is not free. I have to tell you that i have this opinion when i was a noobie, at that time i really had no idea or even heard of RSS Feed before, so educating them about the use of RSS feed is the most essential thing that will prevent them from misunderstanding about the real use of RSS Feed

16. Submit to RSS Directories
You can't never expect what is the best way to promote your RSS feed but to submit it. Check out this list from Robert A. Kearse.

17. Put your RSS Feed Link into Comment URL
I really don suggest you to do this but sometimes it works perfectly when you do commenting on other people blog. But keep in mind that not all blogger will approve your comment when you put your RSS link instead of your Site link.

18. Subscribe to Comment
Same as post feed, you can ask your readers to subscribe to your comment. But make sure that all the comment are worth and not a spam.

19. Make Subscribe Page
If you own Wordpress blog, you can make a new page about Subscribe but ensure that you have good testimonial and opinion from your readers. Collect all the good comment, put into your subscribe page and ask them to join.

20. Have Good Layout and Font
Having Good layout and easy-to-read font is a must. This is important because if you want people to subscribe, you have to make sure that your reader know what's your content is all about.

I have list down all the good tips from my experience and from other people opinion as i learned on what they're commenting. So here you have it, 20 Ways to Gain more Subscriber!

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