Wordpress Vs Blogspot

Monday, January 12, 2009

blogger vs wordpress

As we know Wordpress and Blogspot are the two common and popular blog software. These two blog software has been widely used for blogger to share, view, and post their thought, opinion, news, image gallery, video and even more of it. But both of these has its own prons and cons.

Below i'll reveal the advantage and disadvantage of using Wordpress and Blogspot



  • Very user friendly
  • Very easy to use for newbie and non computer geeks
  • Have so many available template
  • Doesn't require to have well known Java and PHP script language
  • Doesn't require to own domain hosting
  • and .. Its Free!


  • Most of the template that were available were too simple and if there is any good template skin, you need to convert it into XML Blogger template since its probably for Wordpress user
  • Doesn't have comment form like Wordpress such as Name, E-mail, and website.
  • If you don tweak your blog comment form, then the user will be forced to open new window everytime they want to leave or see the comment (But not if you have modify it in your setting)
  • Doesn't have useful plugin such as comment author photo, recent comment and post, Top commenter, Blog statistic and many more



  • Have so many useful plugin
  • Very easy to find and implement new plugin
  • You can set as many tags as you want for your blog post
  • You can set as many categories right in the front of your writing desk even before you decide to publishing it
  • You can easily view new comment that were highlighted right in the front of your dashboard even if you don moderate it


  • If you want to convert it into .com domain, you must have domain hosting like GoDaddy for example and paid the .com domain
  • You must have well knowledge of using PHP and Javascript
  • Require well knowledge of using FTP client to upload file in case if you're having problem in uploading files from your server
  • Sometimes, implementing new template and plugin can be so hard

These are just some few point that i'd put in here, there could be many, so if you have anything to say or perhaps have an experience of using these two blog software, then let me know. And thats it, i hope you now have the image about the prons and cons of using Blogspot and Wordpress.

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proactol review said...

A big advantage with blogspot/blogger is that they take care of the tech side of things. You do not have to keep thinks updated and you will not get hacked. Also, it has a cretain advantage when it comes to ranking and indexing speed.

With WP you must make sure always to run the latest version to avoid attacks. I´d like to recommend a good host that uses c-panel with fantastico. Using fantastico you can upgrade the blog(s) in one click! Manual upgrades can go wrong and cause all kinds of troubles. Plus, a shared account will allow you to have many domains with WP-installs for the same hosting cost. I recommend hostgator instead of godaddy for this.

Good luck!

Ben | Ventrilo Servers said...

That was a great post! I am very happy with blogger but I would like to have more template to choose from and your blogspot template is a really attractive one, I would like to add a navigation using blogger do you know how that is possible.

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Blog said...

east or west blogger is the best.

Singapore Part Time Jobs said...

Personally, I prefer Blogspot cos its easy to use for dummy like. I wasn't successful with wordpress.

BoilingSpringsHomesForSale said...

I've been using Wordpress for 6 months and love it. However I will admit that it was slow going at first. I think WP offers more but Blogger is easier to use.

Anonymous said...

I support blogsport.

Adrian said...

So its something about the first comment, that triggered some head scratching: " advantage when it comes to ranking and indexing speed " about Blogspot. Personally, I started a blog 8 days ago and.. its still not indexed, i submited it in webmaster tools for google, followed many blogs and tutorials, many html codes and sleepless nights later.. still not indexed. Also, I dont know but.. not having control over my own robots.txt, is a pain on blogger so far. maybe i want this to happen to fast ?

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Adam Sofineti said...

I think that it's misleading to claim that you have to know PHP and JavaScript in order to use WordPress.

You can do perfectly fine without HTML, PHP or JavaScript and you will have way more possibilities to be creative with your blog than with Blogspot.

Many hosting companies will offer one click WordPress installation, so even that part is very easy.

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