8 Ways To Get More Comment from Your Visitor

Monday, January 05, 2009
Posted by Takumi 86


Comment are the support for the blogger, without comment, most blogger will have less interest to make a post. But how if your readers wont leave comment even though you'd try your best? This post will teach you several ways to get more comment from your readers

1. Ask Their Opinion
You can ask your reader about their thought or ask if there is any question regarding your post, that way will surely encourage them to ask and commented. The best way to ask this is when you ask their opinion at the end of your post.

2. Just Get to the Point Please
Most readers hate long brief article because not all readers will have enough time in reading the entire of your post especially when you are trying to extend your post by giving the full description and tend to went way off topic which is also confusing them from finding the meaning of your post

3. Give the reward for the Top Commenter
You can give the reward for the top commenter by installing top commenter widget or you can write up a monthly top commenter on your blog post

4. Do Not Write Full Post
If necessary, try not to write full post or description so that will encourage your reader to ask. The more comment and question in your blog post, the more readers will come and see. This will surely increase the popularity of your blog post as many other readers will curious to see what other people are commenting.

5. Make Blog Contest
Contest are one of the best event that most people will love to participated because in contest, you're giving them a reward such as money, item, coupon, premium themes for wordpress, anything.. And this is the most obvious reason why people will commenting. But ensure you have the best traffic records in your site stats.

6. Advertise More
A wise man always told me that if you want your site to get more comment, you'll have to get more traffic and drag your visitor from the search engine index. So start by advertising your site either by using Adword, Adbrite, Text Link ads, YouTube or using Blog Traffic exchange such as BlogExplosion or BlogSoldier.

7. Join Blogger Community
Submitting your blog at certain site wont make your readers to leave comment. It will increase your PageRank but not with the comment. So it is essential to build a relationship and network with other blogger. The best and powerful way to do this is to joining the Blogger community. If you have made a new friend at Blog Catalog or MyBlogLog, then you can ask them to commenting on your blog. You can also make a friend through forums and social media site

8. Get Closer to the Blog Owner
Sometimes when people are visiting your blog and do commenting a lot. They, the Blog owner will curious to see whats your blog will looks like. So its not just be a temporary commenter but try to be the active one. I'm sure if you do that thing, the blog owner will do the same thing for you. Moreover they could link back to your site and put your site in their partner link and be a friend.

Keep in your mind that the comment are the support for the blog owner, without it your blog are nothing even with the best pagerank. Do answer their question if your reader are asking something or you can respond to every comment from your blog's reader. And thats all from me, i hope this tips will help you to generate more comment and not just traffic :)

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Interesting points, thank you. However, making blog contest makes sense if your blog is already visited, has couple readers etc.

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