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Sunday, October 26, 2008

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What is This Statistics Widget stand for?

This widget will display all the total number of your blog post and comment as well. Its quite useful for your readers to know how many comment are they in your blog. And the thing is to get a quick picture for your readers on how popular is your site.

How to make This Widget?
You should thanks to Assess My Blog for creating this widget, he has done a very good job by not only creating this widget but also many of them has been quite useful, so you should at least take more look at his site

1. Go to your Dashboard Layout, make a new widget and click on HTML/Javascript

2. Copy and paste this code onto the box

[script style="text/javascript">

function numberOfPosts(json) {
document.write('Total Posts: [b>' + json.feed.openSearch$totalResults.$t + '[/b>[br>');

function numberOfComments(json) {
document.write('Total Comments: [b>' + json.feed.openSearch$totalResults.$t + '[/b>[br>');


[ul>[li>[script src="">[/script>[/li>

[li>[script src="">[/script>[/li>[/ul>

[span >[a href="" target="_blank">Widgets for Blogger[/a>[/span>

3. Replace the word in bold with your own site and save it

This widget works perfectly on me, you can see them here in my blog as i have tested it and its 100% works. Now your blog can even be more pimped than ever before

Attention! To make the works, please replace [ with <

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Manick said...

Hi friend,

You have lifted this entire post from my blog including pictures. I don't mind that. I would have been happy at least if you had included a link back to my original post to credit me for the original content. Thanks.

Free Money Maker said...

where you get this man?Anyway thanks for posting as it would help other.for more widgets please visit my blog.

BiruLaut said...

This good for me thanks

Takumi 86 said...

sorry i forgot to link you back because i was so excited, lol

David P Pangaribuan said...

Thanks for ur information, its good. For Word Press ? if i want add widget blog statistik like that, its same ?


Takumi 86 said...

I really don know about that but if your feed url like this:

Then it could be used

Manick said...

Hi Takumi86,

Thanks for your understanding. My intention is not to hurt. Anyway, thanks for your review and I appreciate that.

dede said...

great blog, nice posts

Anonymous said...

hi Takumi86,
I see you have so many nice widgets in your blog...fantastic post...the statistics-widget is 'utter-cool' I'll try that on my blog (; by the way it would be nice if you have a look at my blog and if possible give some valuable suggestions.
Thanks again, keep up the sexiest work of sharing.
varquazar kroft

nusapos said...

thanks...great widget

faraz said...

Thanks.. Nice sharing...

laxman said...

Thanks...great widget

school badges said...

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laxman kafle said...

Statistics Widget for Blogger

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