Blockade your PC while you are not in the front of your PC

Thursday, October 26, 2006
Posted by Takumi 86


There's a time when people have to leave their computer On,
Several common reasons for that condition is to going to school, hanging out with your friend, and many other reasons. So how to make it safe for your computer while we are in away?!

There are 3 method to blockade your PC:

method 1 :

CTRL + ALT + ESC to go to Logon screen (in condition if "User Welcome Page" option is deactivated) Next choose "Block Computer"

method 2 :

Make shortcut in desktop (New | Shortcut) with these command :

rundll32.exe user32.dll, LockWorkStation

in the next screen, decide what file name that doesn't look suspicious, ex : 'Icon' or whatsoever as long as that wont invite people to clicking

method 3 :

Using Screen Saver with password, Simply by checking 'Password Protected' in screen saver setting

The Weakness of this method is that the new Protection will take in effect after the screen Saver is running

OS : WIN XP, 2000, ME

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