How to adding information & picture at System Properties

Thursday, October 26, 2006
Posted by Takumi 86

System Properties

Make a new notepad file and name it oeminfo.ini to C:WindowsSystem for Win 95/98 or to C:WinntSystem32 for Windows NT. The content from the file oeminfo.ini should contain as the following

Manufacturer=Tweaking PC
Model=New Model

[Support Information]
Line1=First line
Line2=Second line
Line3=Please wrote with
Line4=any text

You can change the word right after the = sign with your own text. You can also make as many line as you want but don create too many lines as it will flooded your system properties box.

The allowed dimension size for the image is 180 X 114 if its more than that, then the image will cut off. When you're done, save it as oemlogo.bmp in C:WindowsSystem for Win 95/98 or C:WinntSystem32 for Windows NT

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