5 Easy Tips to Increase your PageRank

Wednesday, December 17, 2008
Posted by Takumi 86

Google PageRank

Everyone know that Google Page Rank (PR) is based on the back links. While Back links itself is the links that are pointing to your website. These back link can be achieved from other website that you posted. If you have good math theory, you could possibly know that the more back links you get, the higher you’ll rank with search engines.

1. Join forums and post your thought, views, and share your knowledge. Keep doing that thing and it will create a backlink but ensure the forum has DoFollow attributes. I recommend you to join Forum, because Forum are the best way to get these backlink. And here are the several reason why i'm choosing Forum

  1. Most Forum allow their user to promote their site through Signature, but some of them won't allow it, so ensure you have carefully read their rules
  2. You can submit your site link on user profile
  3. When people are asking for help, you can help it by giving your site link but only if your site has that info
  4. You can advertise your site in subforum, but keep in mind that not all forum has this subforum section
  5. Start off a new thread and post article with the link to your site, it can be either an image or direct link
  6. If people like your post, they tend to share it to other forum and this will help you to get more outbound link

2. Submit your site to search engine directories. Search engine directories are good ways to get a free link to your website as it doesn't cost your time so much. All you have to do is to submit your site, giving description, determine which categories that relates to your site and you're done. The more you submit your site URL, the more chances your site being listed higher on popular search engines

3. Commenting. Get involved in other people blog, do some comment and post up your site link. Doing this will require a blog that has DoFollow attributes to pass their page rankings to your site. For Firefox user, you can determine if the site has DoFollow or NoFollow attributes by installing SearchStatus addons

4. Submit your article either in ezine or Social Media site. Articles is the 'resource and image' to your site. If people enjoy reading your article, there is a chance that they will interested to see your website and link you back from their blog/site

5. Exchange Link. This probably the most easy task but cost you a lot of time to have a deal with the person you want to trade. It can also be the most frustrating thing that you could ever do because you have to make sure that they are really serious in dealing with you.

So now, you have the easy way to increase PageRank, i hope you enjoy reading my article as much as i do and please do subscribe to my RSS Feed if you got stumbled upon my post. Thanks

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Geoserv said...


Commenting on other blogs is abig one, not only for PR but for building up online friends and networks.

linda zhao said...

Some directories ask me to add some code into my blog, and there would be some icon or button show up in my blog, the more directories I submit, the more icons I have in my blog, would it disturb readers' eyes, to see so many directory buttons?

Takumi 86 said...

You don have to add that much, just add with the one that have high PR, if they ask you to add icon onto your blog then find something else that didn't require a linkback to their site

Sadie Pippita said...

Great posting. I am dealing with SEO, PR and advertising right now for am internet based career site (CaribPop.biz). All of your stuff was great! I have learned from marketing online that the quantity, although great, does not out weigh quality. So I suggest that as you are doing all of this make sure you have content rich in keywords that will point it all back to you :-)
Happy Holidays!

Piperpartners.com said...

Very nice Blog layout - is this a Blogger template?

I am working these strategies for my real estate website and blog. Not only is it enjoyable, I am leaning lots everyday and finding like minded people to communicate and share ideas with. Oh, and my page rankings are increasing too.

Get Rid of Man Boobs said...

It does seem that it is getting harder and harder to find dofollow sites and blogs nowadays.

I understand why, but it just makes it harder to get quality links, that are related to your site and many great sites get pasted up by the search engines because they are not able to build enough links to compete.

Pritam said...

Thanks for your nice post. Tips are really simple and worthful.

Roger, Online PR Agency C&M said...

Hey - top tips one and all. Backlinking is, of course, the most critical... but commenting is often overlooked as a good way to beef up this aspect... Great stuff - thanks for sharing

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