Lists of Blog Directories

Thursday, December 18, 2008

blog directories

Another great list from MySEOBlog. This time is about Blog directories where you can submit your blog URL. First we know already about List of DoFollow Forums, and with signatures then DoFollow Blog, lastly High PageRank submission directories. Now its time to list down all the Blog directories from MySEOBlog

Lists of Blog Directories

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GabrielleTeare said...

Diablo?tajumi please help me how do I get to be able to show comments on my blog ? At moment just shows the persons name boring for them. I am a big fan even if I dont understand all of it! Not v techi I have a Fashion blog v different arty not techi but I read yours and vote.

Takumi 86 said...

Hi gabriele
what do you mean you can't show comment!? If you can't show the comment on your blog then you need to follow the instruction in here

Hope that helped :)

Robert A. Kearse said...

This list is ok but has has too many dead or useless links: (Not accepting new submissions) (Dead link) (Parked domain) (Technical problem)

For a up-to-date list of blog directories and RSS submission sites that is updated WEEKLY (with no dead links) and currently 368 entries go to:

List Of Blog Directories

If you find value in this list, please link to it in your blogroll.

Best of success,

Robert A. Kearse

Takumi 86 said...

Yes that link is awesome, i just put that in my BlogRoll, thanks for sharing with me

Stephen said...

Nice and useful post. Thanks.

ChrisSavesYouMoney said...

I too have a directory I would like if you could add it to your list.

Takumi 86 said...

Hi Chris, i would love to put that in my blogroll but unfortunately i cannot, i'm sorry because i don know how many visitor your blog has, plus that blog is only to promote other people blog not really for submitting. Submitting and promoting is totally different. I hope you understand that. Thanks for coming btw :)

Robert A. Kearse said...


I will add your blog directory Chris' Blog List in my next weekly update on 12/26/08.

Best of susccess,


ChrisSavesYouMoney said...

Thank You

Party Wear Sarees said...

Awesome list, Thanks for shring list.

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