8 Thing for Blogger Can Do During Holidays

Saturday, December 27, 2008
Posted by Takumi 86

Courtesy of Sergio Parisi

Finally the day that people always wanted has finally come. You can now take a break, have a nice long breath, spending time with other related and fully enjoy this holidays because Holiday is just coming!

How Do We Filled Up this Holidays?

Well, personally you can do many things like:

1. Playing Video Games
2. Watching TV Show
3. Hang out with your friend
4. Ask your Girlfriend/Boyfriend to go out, spend time all day together
5. Go on vacation to other place that you have never went before like Hawaii, Idaho, and many other beautiful place

As a blogger, The most activity that you always do has finally ended. But for a serious blogger that takes this hobbies as a Full-time profession, You can do these 8 easy thing - i call this easy because it doesn't require too much time to finish but if you did not think that way then i'd suggest you to take it easy

1. Submit your Blog to Blog Directories
I know this may sounded hard for you because there are many site in this list but like i said, you don need to take it seriously. This is the best way to Increase your Pagerank during Holidays considering Google will update your Pagerank status in this mid of January (2009). You can also try these huge list from Robert A. Kearse. There are many usable link so i'd suggest you to submit your blog there too.

2. Answer Question in Yahoo! Answer
Yahoo! Answer is the best place where you can post your blog URL inside of your profile and if people like your answer, they will viewing your profile. If you have good niche post in your blog then you could share that one too but only when people are asking for it

3. Build Network with other Blogger in Social Bookmarking Sites
Build a network with other Blogger is the most important things, If you want people to get to know to your blog then makes them to know who you really are. Its the same thing when you live in new atmosphere, new place, you surely will need to know your neighborhood, because only that way will increase your relationship between blogger. You can start up by adding Friends in Social Bookmarking sites such as Digg, StumbleUpon, Mixx, Reddit, voted up their post and if you want, you can leave comment.

4. Join Other People Contest
Contest is easy, all you need is to make a new post and you are automatically participated, just like what i did in here and here, but make sure that you let know the blog owner otherwise you wont get anything. If you don win, then you don have anything to lose. If you have enough money in your pocket, you could make a blog contest and try to increase the popularity of your site

5. Join Contest or Offer in Forum
Join other people offer is good if you want to earn extra money during holidays. However, not all forum has this offer, The only forum i know is Online Web Market and MakeMoneyKingdom which you can see their offer in this page,
Well its not really an offer, but they're paying $5 for the first place and $2 for the second place but only if you make a good post and the Admin or one of the staff there are nominating your post. Those forum has only about 3.000+ member so you wont get many competitor. There is also a contest but not always, if you're interested then you can participated too.

6. Commenting
The most easy task but takes a lot of awareness. If you're commenting on other people blog, make sure that you are not spamming, because if you do then your comment will get removed. Most people hate spammer so be careful in commenting. If you can make good comment, then you are indirectly has build a relationship with the blog owner and other blogger too, so don just thinking for yourself but think with other blogger who read your comment. Because your attitude and behavior are judged from there.

7. Read Successful Story from Other Blogger
Its really important to learn from other pro blogger if you want to be succeeded and get inspired such as Matt Cutts, Yaro Starak, or from the 18 years old kid who can earn $100.000/month from penny stock market. If you prefer to buy a book, then i'd suggest you to buy This book for $16.95. Blog Blazers is a book that 40 Top Bloggers has sharing and revealing their secrets to be a successful blogger. So you can at least have preparation to be a successful blogger in 2009

8. Choosing Template
Bored with current template?! Then its time for you to have new template considering you probably have use that old template for an ages. But before you can apply it, make sure you do preview it! Just in case if there is any unwanted thing happen when you are applying it. I have nice template site for you, If you have another suggestion site, then feel free to let me know

- Gosublogger
- BloggerBuster
- eBlogTemplate
- BlogCrowds
- BloggerMagz
- JackBook

So now you have something to do with your blog, i hope you have fun with this post and find something useful for your blog, if you have anything to share then feel free to do so :)

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GabrielleTeare said...

I always like your blogs often comment time you visit me!

amr rezk said...

Hi, I,ve been a blogger for 2 months now and I feel that I'm getting along pretty well with the blogosphere, I can't wait to get that video game vacation that you talked about ;)

Malaysia Food Blog said...

Normally I just play Games like Warcraft (Dota) at home during the holidays. Other this, I do hang out with my gf. Other wise, I will just stay at home, play games or blogging. :)

Star quote said...

keep up the good work

luxury yacht charter said...

As a blogger, usually I spend holiday to have some outdoor activity. But if I don't have enough budget and sometimes are not eager to do such an activity, blogging is the best way. Instead of just do some bulk stuffs I would try your 8 recommendations. Thanks anyway.

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wow very interesting articel, thanks!

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