The Best Blog Post from The Past of 2 Year

Sunday, December 28, 2008
Posted by Takumi 86

Courtesy of V.Mason

Time to list down all the best post that have been posted from the past 2 years, if i remember that time, all the post was seemed come from many forum which gave me an idea to make a blog and do share. Frankly, i wasn't really familiar or even doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) at all plus i don know anything about RSS Feed or stuff like that. All i'm doing at that time was just saw the RSS Feed stuff from other people site and think "Hey this is cool 'widget' i should have this for my blog" so i put that in my blog without even knowing the purpose

I was completely a noobie and i don even know about the use of RSS feed since i just put it there and people subscribing, and surprisingly i manage to get 46 reader!! Well these are the best post that i made for over 2 year, i had compile it into a single post, hope you guys are enjoying it!

From Blogging Tips

1. How To Create Good Post
2. Reason Why People Will Not Leave Comment
3. Statistic Widget for Blogger
4. Top Commenter Widget for Blogger
5. How To Create PayPal Donation Button
6. How To Create Fav. Icon for your Blog
7. How To Have Star Rating In Your Blog

From Wallpaper and My Picture Collection

1. Hwang Mi Hee - Sexy Korean Racequeen Model
2. Ishihara Satomi Gallery
3. Irie Saaya Picture Collection
4. Arisa Mizuhara Cosplay Gallery Collection
5. Sayumi Michishige Gallery
6. Jing Tian
7. Lyrian
8. My Car Pic Collection
9. My Motorcycle Pic Collection
10. My Dragon Pic Collection
11. My Wallpaper Pic Collection

From Online Tips

1. Speed Up Your Upload
2. 10 Firefox Extension To Fight Against Phishing
3. The Easiest Eay To Bypass Rapidshare Download Limit
4. Make Your Browsing Faster Using Open DNS
5. How to make ur IE faster like Firefox
6. How to activate 100% bandwidth

From SEO Tips

1. List of Blog Categories
2. List of Social Bookmarking Sites
3. List of Do Follow Forum with Do Follow Signatures
4. 5 Easy Tips to Increase your PageRank
5. How To Get Indexed in Google and What is PageRank
6. List of DoFollow Forums
7. List Of Best SEO Tools
8. List of DoFollow Blog
9. Top 30 Largest Social Bookmarking Sites - October 2008
10. High Page Rank Directory Submission List

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