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Tuesday, December 02, 2008
Posted by Takumi 86


JohnChow is one of the pro blogger that always sharing their best blogging tips, has made a new contest during this christmas

The contest itself will ended at 24 December . So guys here i'm going to tell you about something, that $6000 is not all yours, you can win it but you have to share $5000 to charity organization, and the rest $1000 is all yours

This Contest (however) was intends to teach you how to share what you have to the people who really needs your help. Its a christmas time, a wonderful moment when you used to spend it with your family, kids, BF/GF, and your friends but for they who lived in poverty, war, and loneliness situation, couldn't enjoy as much as we do

They deserved to receive this money as it will help them to live. If i ever win this contest then i'm going to share my $5000 to Operation Help Children whose doesn't have their parents any more or to Help The Afganistan Children who lived in feared situation due to war

One more thing, this contest was being sponsored by If you don know about, its a tiny url site to shortening your site URL. So at least it will help you to safe more of your spaces when you have so many link in one single post. However this site require some registration. The registration itself is not necessary since you can shortening your site URL for being anonymous and you can also email it to your friend once you have convert it. Trust me you wont believe how small is the link once you use it.

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Widgets for Blogger said...

Your post is referring to a contest on John, whereas your image is showing John These are two different sites.

Anyway, this is a good contest and bulk of the prize money goes to charities. Great!

Anonymous said...

got u from john chow..

seems u got pretty new stuffs..

grab a free .com domain n free space here

rush soon!!

if u find it worthy give me a link in ur site..

Takumi 86 said...

wow hey thanks for the great advice but how do i transfer all my post onto the new one and how do i redirect it from my old blog?

Anonymous said...

Takumi, is it john chow or john cow? they are different blogs. Liked your post.


Takumi 86 said...

Its John Chow but he referring himself to JohnCow because Chow his last name was sounds like 'Cow'

Easy Money said...

wow, that is the first time I see that explanation.

To my knowledge, there are two different sites and is not owned by but it was started as a joke and it actually bumped John Chow off of google first place for his own name.

Are you sure about that? Has john chow bought in order to get the google ranking back for his own name?

Takumi 86 said...

@Easy money
LOL you really make me wonder, i just visit and the design and layout was totally different from
Could it the second site or no

LOL i absolutely had no idea and maybe i just took the wrong picture hahaha

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