Google Chrome Tips, Tricks, Hacks and Shortcuts

Wednesday, October 29, 2008
Posted by Takumi 86

google chrome

A new browser from Google that just launched in BETA version has a lot of Tips, Trick, Shortcut and Hacks, below are the sample list from ITechnoBuzz which allows you to learn and know more about this new browser so that you wont get lost when you first time trying this. There are 30 Tips at the moment but i'm only took 10 best tips, if you want more you can go to their site

1. Create application shortcut
2. Control + Shift + N - opens an ‘incognito’ window
3. Alt + Home - loads your Google Chrome home page
4. Control + Shift + T - opens your most recently closed tab
5. Control + Tab - lets you cycle through your open tabs in order
6. Control + Shift + Tab - cycles through your tabs in the opposite order
7. Control + B - hides the Google Chrome bookmarks bar
8. Control + H is a faster way to bring up the History page.
9. Control + J brings up your Downloads page.
10. Press Control + K or Control + E to search from the address bar.

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Decapper said...

thanks for all the tips

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