50 Blog Tools to Help you Blogging

Monday, October 27, 2008
Posted by Takumi 86


Blogging is more than just posting your thought, opinion, and share the things you want. Frankly there are so many tools available on the net that can improve your website into an outstanding form and the only way to find out what is going on and what is going to work to your profits is to giving them try out! The 50 useful blogging tools will help you to start picking up your choices
There are 11 part in total, and all of these can grabbed freely at BlogOhBlog

The part are listed as the following:

Part 1 - Let’s kick off with ‘Hosting, DNS and domainname’
Part 2 - Design and Color
Part 3 - Programming and coding
Part 4 - Web forms and its guild!

Part 5 - Content!
Part 6 - Social Bookmarking
Part 7 - Logos and more
Part 8 - SEO and marketing
Part 9 - Rankings!

Part 10 - Stats and Feedback
Part 11 - Miscellanous

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Wayne said...

Nice compilation. There are some tools here I missed. Thanks for the post anyway.



Sean Davis said...

Nice blog. Installing some free widget in blog is must in my opinion. This is completely free widget which allows content sharing without forcing visitors to leave your site. It can be downloaded at for free at http://tellafriend.socialtwist.com/index.jsp . Thought you’d have something to say about it too.

Rose DesRochers said...

You infringed upon Jai's copyright? Lists are protected by copyright.

Takumi 86 said...

Umm sorry?! I never say this is my article, and i did giving credit to where i get this and i check their page, they never say all link are protected by copyright

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