20 Analytics Tools For Blogs

Thursday, October 30, 2008
Posted by Takumi 86

Analytics Tools

Analytics Tools is the most recommended tools to keep track of your site, because there are many useful thing you can do with this tools like how to track comment from your blog, how to keep track of your readers by seeing the stats, because if you don know how many and how good is your stats then you probably wont even know how popular is your blog.

Stop Using Blindfold!
If you never know your site stats then you will never know the popularity of your site. Google Analytics Tools is probably the most common and the best analytics tools ever. Just take a look at the list from Top Rank Blog

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Esha Flora said...

thank you for your information

bbc weather world wide said...

if you got a adsense account then you can easily add the code into the blog widget.. google analytics is a tracking code. when you login you will get.. you just need to add in the body of the template

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