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Thursday, November 27, 2008
Posted by Takumi 86

good post

Most people will love to read good post and what your site content is all about, if you have share good content in your blog then your post could get commented. But people often get stuck on what subject to post next so here i'm going to give you an advice to create 100% pure content based on your writing skill

I don have any clue to make a Good Post
Every problem has their own way out. If you stuck on this matter then don let it down on you. There is several ways where you can get a lot of ideas.

1. Your Office

If you work as an assistant, journalist or employment then you could get inspired by the situation in your office. If you work in Journalistic company and have an affair with your partner or even from your boss, then as soon as you get back home and started to think again about what has just happened to you. Just when you had think the solution, you could write that up on your blog.

2. Go Outside!
If you still stuck on what to post next, then the only thing to help yourself is to go outside and have some fresh air. You can do this by calling your friend and made an appointment. If you don have any friend then you can go out by yourself and find any other place where you had never been before. Just try to enjoy yourself.

3. Media
If you decide to stay at home then you could get inspired by watching TV show or Listening to music or reading the magazine. So there is a lot of resource in your home and you just need to realize that!

4. Blog/site
When you're visiting someone else site and see what they share, did you ever thought on how they can make it?! You can get inspired from their success story and create your own too. Just try not to be shy or feel hopeless, be optimistic that you can achieve and be better than those people!

5. What's Your Ability?
Are you good at drawing or playing video games or designing something? Then you can create your own tutorial and share it to the people who don know about it yet. You can get this ability from your course class that you're attended.

Then after you get the ideas, the next thing to do is..

1. Get paper
Get your Notepad or MS Word, write down your opinion, view, thought and save it to your document.

2. Get Screenshot
If its really a necessity, you can give a snapshot by using Digital camera or from your own PC, take a shot and post it on your article.

3. Ask your Family Member or friend
After you create it, you can ask to one of your family member or from your friend about their opinions. They sometimes can gives you a nice feedback. And if possible, try not to be over confident on what you have accomplished.

So there is a lot of ways to create good post, if anyone have an experience to create good post then you could share them up here too. Cheers!

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Stephen said...

Good advices and tips :P

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great posts for bloggers...the right choice of images make it all the more compelling...

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Nice tips... I think they will be usefull for me :)

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great advice.

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