10 Reason Why People Will Not Leave Comment

Wednesday, November 26, 2008
Posted by Takumi 86


You have been blogging all this time but no one seems to leave comment to your post, They might be interested to leave comment but there is several reason why they wont leave it

1. They are Anonymous
Most people who come and visit your blog has no identity, meaning they came as Anonymous user. Or if they have it, they are just feel lazy to sign in and leave comment

2. Your Post is not Original
Some people will feel minded if you steal an article from other people post. If you really want to make them commenting then write down your own opinion and leave backlink to where you get that post. Don ever claim that as your own work even though your intention is to share it to other people

3. Your Post contain Link and Picture only
This is the most reliable reason why people will not interested to leave comment. If your post just went blank meaning no text, no description, and content only then what to commented? They just don know what to say about your post. And the only thing they would like to comment was probably to say "Thanks" or "Much appreciated" and many other single line word.

4. Your Layout are Awful
If you did happen to have bad layout in your blog then people will lazy to read the whole articles. So please before you decide to apply new skin or templates, make sure you do preview it.

5. You are Not Promoting Your Site
If you just sit there and do nothing to promote your site then how people will find your site?! It doesn't matter whether Google will help you to find new reader everytime they search stuff that relates to your blog. If you have a thought like this then your blog could takes more long enough to get more comment. So do Something!

6. Single Line Post
If you did happen to create this post then its obvious no matter how much traffic your site has, they will less likely to leave comment. The best solution for this is to leave Video and Image inside of your post.

7. Your Site Never Been Updated For an Ages
Giving an updates is a must. If your latest post is more than 2 month then your best commenter who did always commenting will soon leaving your site because they feel there is nothing to see on your site.

8. English please!
English is the most common and worldwide language so if you want to get more comment from your reader then use English. If you can't write in english then join an English class or find someone who can help you.

9. Your Post Has so Many Picture
Not all people will have better connection speed in viewing numerous picture in your post. Posting so many picture could also confusing them from finding the meaning of your post. Unless you want to create a tutorial post then its fine but try to reduce the dimension of image size

10. You are a Badass!
You have bad reputation as commenter and people recognize you from your post, Its probably because you are a spammer. My suggestion is, if you really have nothing to say then don't leave comment. The more you act like this the more they will dislike your blog. So please behave on yourself

Another common reason is
- Comment function is turned off
- Site went down/off

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Zain said...

Nice Tips !! :-D

Agreed on point 1...
people are just too lazy to leave comments! :p

linda zhao said...

Hi thanks for the tips, I guess case of my blog is, it doesn't look that good, since I'm having so many banners inside, plus I don't know how to promote it, haha... Have a good day

Anonymous said...

Good Advice on commenting. I think you really need to capture the consumers eye to get them to comment. Maybe contriversal issues.... Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I think #5 is more common than most people think. Good stuff tho


Anna said...

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