Turn FireFox 3 Into A Blogging Toolbox

Saturday, November 08, 2008
Posted by Takumi 86

firefox 3

Recently when i was browsing through Problogger, i found this quite useful tips for all the blogger. Basically it using Firefox addon to make it easier for you to blogging. The tools itself are listed from Auto Fill Forms, Gbutts (a lot of Google services), FeedDemon (Browser Feed Reader), ScribeFire (to publish post right from your browser), SearchStatus (To see your site rank without searching), SnagIt (To take screenshot straight from your browser), AutoFill Forms and many more. This tools is more helpful than you ever thought!

If you want more tools, then visit this site

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Helen Grigor'eva said...

Very helpful info! I'm a blogger and Firefox 3 user and I'll surely use tools you advise!

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