Google Finally Released Their Official SEO guide

Tuesday, November 18, 2008
Posted by Takumi 86

SEO Guide

Google, the best Search Engine on earth has released their SEO guides on 12 November 2008. There aren't much pages only 22 pages in total.

Here's my Review
There is nothing really new about this article, its just talking about how to improving the structure of your URL, putting META description, how to make your site easy to navigate (which i'm sure most of you have aware already), Giving good practices for site navigation and content as well but all of these are common sense i think. They have also giving explanation more details on how to write anchor text properly and to use Heading tags.

What i don know about this Article
Surprisingly i have never know how to be aware of putting the nofollow tags in your link as it may not be allowed by Google because they simply wont allow you to pass your webpage reputation to others webpage that you're link into

And that's my quick preview for all of you, at least you should now have a 'picture' of what is this article wants to tell you about

Interested?! then Download this article from Megaupload or from Google itself

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