How to get Indexed by Google and What is PageRank (PR)

Monday, November 17, 2008
Posted by Takumi 86


PageRank is a link analysis algorithm that come from many different resources such as the World Wide Web (WWW). Link you created which called as Backlink and the name PageRank itself is a trademark for Google. So how do you calculate it?! If you have good basic math then you could figure it out how much PageRank does your site have, WebWorkshop has explained it all and its more details, so take your time and learn how you can calculate it. If you don remember how many site that you have create the backlink, then use this site

Next, i'm gonna teach you how to get your site indexed by Google, there are 6 methods and its all easy:

1. Install a robot.txt very easy just make a text and upload it in your root server

2. Go here and register your website

3. Make a site map. here is a great place to make it for free.

4. After that go to Meta tag Analyzer

5. Meta Generator this is most important to have

6. Analyze your website using Google Analytics

Some of these steps may not works on Blogspot, don know with WP but for blogger, you can still perform steps #2, #5, and #6

Question: I have done all these step but my site didn't get indexed still, what should i do?

Answer Your site is still new to be indexed by Google and maybe it was located on the "Google SandBox", so you'll gonna have to wait at least 2 - 3 month for your site to get indexed and crawl on their Search Engine.

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SheR. said...

Wow.. what a comprehensive explanation. My mind went bonkers reading it. :P

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Takumi 86 said...

Sorry, i'm not interested anymore in link exchange

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