16 Essential PC Applications for Bloggers

Tuesday, November 18, 2008
Posted by Takumi 86

blogger pc
As you or we have already know that blogging is not just a hobbies, there are tools for that and one of the most helpful tools for blogger is by using Firefox addons or the plugins. But if there is more tools or application that we could use to help us blogging like using notepad or MS Word to write about your thought, view, and opinion and then you store it for a while before you can share it to other. But there is more application that help you blogging. From Firefox into using Yahoo! widget. Believe it or not these tools that come from ProBlogger has the best and useful thing for all of you

The list are stated from the following :

1. Mozilla Firefox
2. MemoKeys
3. Microsoft Office 2007
4. SnagIt
5. WordWeb
6. Digsby
7. Link Popularity Check
8. RoboForm
9. RSS Bandit
10. Camtasia Studio
11. Windows Live Writer
12. AdesClrPicker
13. Yahoo! Widgets
14. Twirl
15. PeaZip
16. The Journal

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This is very interesting and useful information.

You mentioned the Open Office as an alternative to MS Office. I have used Open Office for years now and am very happy with it. The features are more or less the same as in MS Office, and there are even a few extras MS does not offer. And as it can be downloaded and used for free, why give more money to the billionaires in Seattle?

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