17 Ways to Get More Twitter Followers

Wednesday, July 15, 2009
Posted by Takumi 86

Twitter Followers

This post were inspired by an articles from TechCrunch

Twitter has become a major needs for all people that needs to market their business, site, product and even new place such as restaurant, cafe, and many more. The more follower you have, the more exposure you'll get. Twitter can enables you to gives an update to their followers about what their upline are doing at the moment, its a good thing if you wants to get closer to your upline/follower

Below is the best ways to increase your twitter followers

1. Add "Follow me On Twitter" Link On Every Blog Post Page
Sometimes its useful if you want to get more follower by adding a small link in every page of your blog post. But try to adjust it with your current theme and make sure its fit to be put inside of that blog post

2. Ask Them To Follow You
When you made a post about something that related to twitter, then you might wanna put link to your Twitter account than Twitter.com.

3. Get a Customized Background For Your Twitter Page
Some people never feel bothered to customize their background page but actually it is really important to have if you want to brand yourself.

4. Get Your Avatar
When people wants to add you because they think that you have good content in your blog and good personality also, They will firstly viewing your avatar, if you don have avatar then they will less likely to add you. So grab your images and upload it!

5. Fill out your bio
People often says that bio will determine the characteristic of the owner because your bio is the only place where people get to know about who you really are. And filling up your bio wont hurt your time so badly isn't it!?

6. Add "Follow me On Twitter" Link On Forum Signature
Like site link, you can include your Twitter link to your forum signature, but this require an education on what is this twitter is all about. You can start off your thread about the explanation on using twitter and link to that post or simply re-post that in every forum you are joined.

7. Post Your Twitter URL in Comment Form
I have been inspired by the number of people that were posting their Twitter URL on post that teach you to increase your twitter follower. This might help you to boost up your twitter follower. You should also take a consideration when you post comment as you can submit your Twitter link instead of your site link in comment form

8. Post Good Content On Your Blog and Update It!
When people decide to follow you its probably because they have something interested on you, so try to always updating your blog content and provides good info. You can also try to tweets your follower about the upcoming event so that wont make your follower bored

9. Educate Your Reader About The Use of Twitter
Don underestimate this! Most people still don know about the use of twitter, they might probably thought that site was some sort of social networking site but 'worst'. The phrase worst is refer to the limitation of sending only 140 character and the outlook of main page that isn't really interesting compared to Facebook. So giving them a nice education about the use of twitter will might boost your twitter follower. Read the 17 ways to use Twitter properly, How you can use it to promote your blog, How to market and grow your business using Twitter and Tell them all the tools

10. Running a Contest
Contest are always be the most interesting event that everyone will not missed out. Check out how Shoemoney giveaway a free Flip Mino HD & MacBook AIR if he can get from 15.000 to 20.000 follower.

11. Jump Into Other People Conversation
Unlike facebook where you can easily jump into other people conversation, twitter has no chance on allowing you to jump over into other people conversation. The only thing to allows you is to follow the person. But there is a site named Search Twitter to search and reply to other people conversation. This is the best way if you want people to get to know you and follow you

12. Bring Your Twitter To the World
Everytime you are attending a seminar, events, join podcast interview, chat whether you are the panelist, moderator, audiences or even the committee, you can always promoting your twitter account either in leaflet, years book, presentation, or hands out business cards and identity card name.

13. Put Your Twitter Account in Everywhere
Wherever you join sites and it allows you to input your twitter link, then do submit it, i recommend sites such as Digg, Sphinn, StumbleUpon, Flickr, MyBlogLog, Blogcatalog, LinkedIn, FaceBook, YouTube and everywhere else where you can easily submit and input as many link in your profile

14. Put in Your Autoresponder Emails
If you have an autoresponder service provider account such as Aweber, and you want to send emails to notify your downline and subscriber, you can add your twitter link in your signature and ask them to be your follower

Watch this video to learn how to put a picture & signature link in your aweber auto responders

15. Put Your Twitter Link in Video and Images
Same as promoting your site by video and images, you can do this with your twitter link. Site as flickr can allow you to upload both images and video, so if you have the best captured shot or an images that you found on the net or a video that you created, make sure to leave a small word leading to your twitter account. For this case, i recommend you to use Flickr and YouTube

16. Advertise Using Pay Per Click
If you are a true fans of twitter or the craziest-fans-of-twitter then you might consider to advertise it by using Pay Per Click site. But, really people, is that Twitter is means so much to you?!

17. Spam Following
Last tips on this article and the worst case scenario. Spam Following means that you follow as many people in twitter until you reaches 2000 follower. This method were actually works because there is some people who will follow you back once you follow them but, really, i'm not suggesting you to follow this tips as it may give you a bad reputation. Following many people can give you a hard time when you want to re-tweets to certain upline because there is always a new tweets made by your not-so-wanted upline in every second

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