Top 105 Tips, Hacks, Templates, and Plugins for Wordpress

Wednesday, July 15, 2009
Posted by Takumi 86

I have been collecting so much good link that i found in certain blog, there are many good templates, hack and tips for wordpress but i couldn't state them all one by one so i decide to list them altogether here

Best Tips and Trick for Wordpress Blog

  1. How to Find and Fix 404 Errors

  2. How to Put No-Follow attribute on a link

  3. The Ultimate PageRank Sculpting Guide for WordPress SEO

  4. What to Do If Plugin Deactivation Breaks Your Blog

  5. How To: Setting Up Your WordPress Permalink Structure

  6. How To: Switching Your WordPress Blog’s Permalink Stucture

  7. How To: Showing Only a Post Excerpt in WordPress

  8. Always Remove the WordPress Version Code

  9. 30 Ways to Improve Readability

  10. 7 Elements to Make Your Blog Look Great

  11. Should a Sidebar Go On the Left or Right?

  12. How to Create Your own gravatar with just 5 minutes

  13. 13 Tags to Delete From your Theme

  14. How You Can Use WordPress Functions to Run a Smarter Blog

  15. 7 Principles Of Clean And Optimized CSS Code

Best Hacks for Wordpress Blog

  1. Mastering Your WordPress Theme Hacks and Techniques

  2. Top 18 Plugins and Hacks for Wordpress Comments Page

  3. How to Integrating Forums Into a WordPress Blog

  4. Display Categories in Horizontal Drop-Down menu

  5. How to Create Thumbnails for each Blog Post and Displays Them

  6. How to Create and show categories image

  7. How to Create Wordpress Date button

  8. How to Hide Advertisements For Single Posts

  9. How to Create a Dynamic Sticky Post

  10. How to Place a Login Form in the Sidebar

  11. How to Embed Google Ad in First Wordpress Blog Post

  12. How To: Adding a Store to Your WordPress Blog

  13. How to Displaying How much Comments Your Blog Have

  14. How To Set Up a Sideblog

  15. How to Create a WordPress Login Form Overlay

  16. How To Wigetize A WordPress Theme

  17. How To Install DomTABs on WordPress

  18. How To: Insert Ads Only After the First Post

  19. How to Add Google Search to Your Blog

  20. How To: Add WordPress Tags to Your WordPress Theme

  21. How To: Adding Edit Buttons To Your WordPress Theme

  22. How to Display Your RSS Count in Plain Text

  23. How to Add Stumble and Digg Begging at Your Post

  24. How to Make Dynamic Search Bar Text With Javascript

  25. How To: Prevent Google From Indexing Your Images

  26. How To Creating Two-Tiered Conditional Navigation in Wordpress

  27. How To: Adding a Print This Button to Your Theme

  28. How To: Adding an Email This Button to Your Blog

  29. How to: Add a Styled Flickr Photo Stream to Your Blog

  30. How To Creating A YouTube Video Tabbe

  31. How To: Converting The Author Display To Link To The Author

  32. How to Show Last Modified Date on Your Blog Post

  33. How To Add Bio Info To Your WordPress Blog Posts

  34. How To: Adding the Post Authors Gravatar To Their Individual Posts

  35. How To: Limit How Many Archive Months WordPress Displays

  36. How To: Display the Recent Posts of Specific Categories

  37. How To: Remove Ads From Individual Categories

  38. How To: Converting Your Category Pages to Display Post Titles

Best Plugins for Wordpress Blog

For Comments

  1. Top 18 Plugins and Hacks for Wordpress Comments Page

  2. WP Ajax Edit Comments - Let Your Reader Edit Their Comment

  3. Subscribe To Comment

  4. Show The Latest Blog Post from Your Commenter

  5. Threaded Comment from Brian | Threaded Comment with AJAX Support

  6. Show Recent Comments

  7. DoFollow Your Comment

  8. Gives Monkey Smiley Icon | Yahoo Messenger Smiley Icon

  9. Better Comments Manager

  10. Display Most Commented

  11. WP Page Comment

  12. Comment Redirect Page

For Contact Form:

  1. cForm

  2. Top 7 Best Contact Form Plugin for Wordpress

For Blog Posts

  1. GD Star Rating

  2. Feed Footer

  3. Display Latest Post with Slideshow

  4. Display Random Featured Post

  5. Display Related Post

  6. Display Percentage of Post Views

  7. Add Breadcumbs to Your Post>

  8. Add Social Bookmarking Buttons to Your Post

  9. Tell-a-Friend

  10. Share This Post


For Monetization

  1. AdSense-Deluxe

  2. AdSense Sharing Revenue and Earnings System

  3. AdSense Injection

  4. Google AdSense Referral Rotator Plugin

  5. Amazon Media Manager

  6. WP-Amazon

  7. Last Amazon Review Plugin

  8. Text Ads Link Widget for WordPress Sidebar

  9. WPAds Plugin

  10. AdRotator Plugin

  11. WP E-commerce Shopping Cart Plugin

  12. EasyPayPal WordPress Plugin

  13. Buy Me a Beer Plugin

  14. CafePress

  15. YAK

For Miscellaneous

  1. Displays your public Twitter messages to all reader

  2. Bring your tweets into your blog and pass your blog posts to Twitter

  3. Stats

  4. Ban User IP from Commenting

  5. WP Page Navigation

  6. Google Analytics

Best Themes for Wordpress Blog

  1. Smashing Magazines

  2. Samk

  3. eBlogTemplates

  4. Michael Tyson

  5. PremiumThemes

  6. Think Design Blog

  7. Madebyon

  8. Elegant Themes

  9. Blogsessive

  10. Artculture

  11. Best WP Themes

  12. Bust a Theme

  13. UniqueBlogDesing

  14. WooThemes

  15. Web Revolutionary

  16. ThemeForest

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