How to Convert your Blog into .com Domain?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009
Posted by Takumi 86

.com domain

We have been discussing so many things like how to redirect visitor from your blogspot domain into wordpress, and how to move blogger blog post into wordpress. Now its time to post how we can convert it into .com domain. Please keep in your mind that you don have to do this if you have wordpress installed already in your domain hosting.

This post were only intended to let the blogger user to know how to convert their blog into .com

1. First thing you'll need to do is to visit this site

2. Once there, click Request Website. Fill out all the information you need. Be sure to tell the site admin what .com URL domain you prefer and what web script you wanted in message box. If its wordpress script then choose CMS

3. After that, wait approximately for 2 weeks before you can have that .com domain. Be sure to check your email frequently because you'll never know when the site admin will respond to your request

4. Once you've got the confirmation email stating that the .com domain is ready to use and the username and password has been provided to you then you are raring to use domain. Start by activate the One-Click Install plugins in Admin CP > Plugins > Installed, upload new theme and plugins and move your blogger blog post.

Thats it, i hope you enjoy this article as much as i do. Let me know if you're having problem regarding this. Thanks

Using this service may causing you to have 1 free ads in your blog post plus 1 GB Free Space

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