Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Use Wordpress

Wednesday, July 15, 2009
Posted by Takumi 86

blogger vs wordpress

As i stated earlier about what is the prons and cons of using Blogpsot and Wordpress, now we head down to The reasons why you should use Wordpress. There is strong reasons why you should use Wordpress instead blogspot

  1. Many Plugins / Widgets.
    Wordpress has so many widgets available such as top commentators, popular posts, related posts, recent posts, recent comments and many more. Plugins in Wordpress seemed to be endless because there is always a new version for current plugins. For example if you are using related posts, in the next few days/ weeks, wordpress will inform you that there is new version of this widget, you can either update it or leave it. While in Blogger blogspot, you cannot find that widget not until you make it

  2. Publishing or Editing Blog Posts. In Wordpress, publishing and editing new or existing post is much faster than Blogger Blogspot. Unlike Blogger, Wordpress can edit, delete and publishing numerous blog entries, Thats right! you can do that by checking in the check box to which blog post you want to edit or delete it.

  3. Set the URL Structure. Wordpress can set which one is your fav URL Structure, you can easily do this by go to Admin CP > Setting > Permalink. There is 5 option available,
    Default : hxxp://
    Day and name : hxxp://
    Month and name : hxxp://
    Numeric : hxxp://
    and Custom Structure

  4. Send or See Trackback Link. You can see who is linking back to your post or you can send the trackback to tell them that you're linking back to them

  5. Template. Same as Plugins, wordpress has so many wonderful theme and you can even pay for it. Plus its very easy to set it since you just download and upload it. And don forget that you can also set the widget to appear in your blog

  6. Popular Blog use Wordpress. I found out that all the popular blog i meet were using wordpress and they're keep using it till now. So if you have any thought that wordpress is only for admin or the person who had experience in Site administration, then you're wrong because if they can, and so do you, all you need is to get used to it

I hope this article will encourage you to use Wordpress and be more expert in using PHP script

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So I have been using Wordpress for a couple weeks, I am really getting used to it but I have no clue how to add an opt in. If anybody has any information on how to do this please drop it.

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