8 Steps to move your Blogger blog post into Wordpress

Wednesday, July 15, 2009
Posted by Takumi 86


Wordpress as we know has so much useful plugins such as SEO plugins, comment plugins and so much more. Not only the plugins but also the keyword you can set, and it enables your blog to have more exposure from Google, Yahoo and all kind of Search Engine site. And which is why many people nowadays are using Wordpress.

So here i'm gonna briefly explain the steps to convert your blogger blogspot post into wordpress.

1. You need wordpress account, you can choose to host it or sign up at wordpress site. There are two ways to host your blog, first by asking someone to make it for you, second by using domain host such as GoDaddy

2. After you create a new account, sign in to access your wordpress admin page. And choose which one of the template that you want to use (Admin CP > Appearance), or you can search in Google, grab it, upload and set it as your template. If you can't upload it, then use One-Click Install plugins, or use FTP client such as FileZilla to upload it. If you're having problem with uploading file through Filezilla, then read this guide to upload through FileZilla or ask in their forum

3. Select your favorite widget to appear in your blog (Admin CP > Appearance > Widget)

4. You may want to edit your wordpress template and widget before you can read the next step because some of the theme and widget will require you to perform something, like deleting lines, adding new plugin, etc

5. Now go to your Import page (Admin CP > Tools > Import) Choose the 1st option to import all the blogger post into wordpress. Click Grant access and wait until the progress is done.

6. Afterward, check all the blog post, such as comment, post, author, see if there is any error. If there is any error in your article then you'll need to copy and paste from your blogger post. One more thing, if you have post that has several link pointing to certain of your blog post then you might wanna edit that one to your new wordpress blog post. BUT before you do that, please set your Permalink (Admin CP > Setting > Permalink> into Day and name.

7. After you have done all of this, please do not delete your old blogger account as it may affecting your wordpress blog post.

8. See your new blog, Enjoy :)

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