Top 7 Best Contact Form Plugin for Wordpress

Wednesday, July 15, 2009
Posted by Takumi 86

When you create website, you surely will need a places or media where you can have 'chat' with your reader. There are many option available including placing your IM (instant messenger) or email ID but one of the most effective ways to enable your visitor from sending you message is to create contact form. Below you'll see the 7 best contact form which i gathered from many resource.

1. PXS Mail Form - This contact form has added new features i.e for sending CC (carbon copies), character set (charset) recognition from the blog’s settings for international usage, email address checking, CSS styles from the Administration Panels, referrer checks, multiple recipients from a drop down menu for multiple bloggers, and even sends a copy of the message to the sender, if desired.

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2. Enhanced Contact Form - this contact form were originally made by Ryan Duff’s but Joost DeValk has improved this contact form include the referring page on the site, original referrer, and other small details that can help you learn more about how the visitor accessed your blog.

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3. Accessible and Secure PHP Contact Form (Based on the PHP Contact Forms made by Mike Cherim) - this contact form is designed to be fully protected from spam email and offers a wide variety of features including styling from the Admin Panels with optional choices build in to style the contact form. It also featuring a multiple user version for a fee.

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4. Cforms has multiple theme which you can choose whatever you want. It uses AJAX, but degrades gracefully for non-AJAX/Javascript browsers. It has a lot of features which you can customize and has clean layout.

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5. SCF2 Contact Form - This simple contact form is more alike private message than just contact form. It uses the comments routine to filter and approve incoming messages. The advantage of using this is that they can be read directly from your admin panel and can be sent to multiple user. This plugin is support for spam protection when you have configure it

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6. WordPress Contact Form with Spam Protection - Another contact form plugin from Ryan Duff’s which has been modified by Doug. This plugin has feature to built a list drop-down of subjects and can add the security question

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7. WP-ContactForm Akismet Edition - The purpose of this plugin is to make it easy for newbie to create contact form for wordpress. If you have akismet plugin installed already, then all incoming message will be checked before they can be sent to you.

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